Cute Pomeranian Dogs

Cute Pomeranian Dogs as Toy Dogs

The Pomeranian dogs, classified as toy dogs are perfect companions wherever you go. These small size dogs actually descended from the larger Spitz of the German breed. Toy dogs such as Pomeranian, also popularly called Pom Pom got its name from the Pomerania region in Central Europe. Since 1998, Pomeranian dogs are constantly in the top 20 of registered AKC dog breeds in the US. Common health issue Pomeranian dogs feared are luxating patella and the collapse of Tracheal. But in general, Pomeranian dogs are healthy and sturdy.

These cuddly toy dogs are affectionate and intelligent:  Yorkshire Terrier; Chihuahua; Shih TzuPomeranian, Maltese, Papillon; Chinese Crested; Miniature Pinscher; Havanese; Japanese Chin plus more.


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